Saturday, December 22, 2007

Ten ways to control you

The basic global principle of rule, according to poet Nazrul: Tomra Bhoi Dekhiye Korcho Shashon, Joy Dekhiye Noi. So how do they do it? There are 10 strategies that they employ:

1. They invoke an external and internal threat in order to convince the population to grant their rulers extraordinary powers.

2. They establish secret prisons that practice torture

3. They develop a extra-security force that operates without legal restraint.

4. They set up a system of intense domestic surveillance that gathers information for the purposes of intimidating and blackmailing citizens.

5. They infiltrate, monitor, and disorganize citizens' groups.

6. They arbitrarily detain and release citizens.

7. They target key individuals in order to ensure their complicity or silence.

8. They take control of the press.

9. They publicly equate dissent with treason.

10. Finally, they suspend the rule of law.

Use this checklist to find out status of your country.

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