Tuesday, June 3, 2008

General Moeen consolidates his position

The cat is out of the bag now. Last night's military leadership changes in Bangladesh confirms General Moeen has further consolidated his grip in the military, while General Masud is marginalized severely. Out of four changes, the the GOC position in Bogra is still vacant and all-powerful Brigadier Bari of DGFI is tipped to move to that position.

These changes reflect a kind of split that has occurred recently within the army, on the question of spirit of 1/11. General Masud's group viewed that army should now retreat as some significant achievement has been made and the rest of the tasks will be carried forward by political leadership with the help of institution and legal means. General Moeen's group differed on this observation and is determined to finish its tasks (minus two) at any cost (even if election is delayed, and remaining for a longer period) to save military's reputation. Moeen is said to be very keen on the presidency.

A strong polarization in regard to relations with India is also taking place. US has reportedly got hold of a document from Indian External Affairs that mentions some commitment General Moeen had made to India during his visit there. Some may take advantage of the growing anti-India sentiment within military. A small group comprising ultra-nationalists is slowly emerging and may upset all calculations.

Wait for more drama to unfold.

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  1. You got it totally wrong. As a matter of fact, Masud was the chief of the "hardliner" faction in the military. The neutralizing and removal of Masud was the first correct step to move to a credible solution to the events of 1/11.