Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bangladesh Election in March 2009?

The government sat tight on Wall Street Journal story that it had cancelled the general election scheduled on December. Only Amader Shomoy produced a story hinting WSJ's failure to croos-check information before publishing its comments.

Now the Economist Intelligence Unit in its August monthly report on Bangladesh expected that "poll to take place by the end of March 2009 at the latest." This is the third consecutive time that EIU indicated of a delayed election. EIU says although the EC is working on its roadmap, the completion of each stage may be delayed by several months.

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  1. Please do not allow these two 'begums' to gain the control of Bangladesh politics again. Caretaker government should keep them in the loop of current convictions as they are right now. They no longer deserve to be the leader of this nation again. They have bought and sold our nation, and used its revenue as a source to gain their personal wealth. They're parasites of our nation. The nation has suffered enough because of these two 'begums' than all other natural disasters combined since the Independence.

    Vote for change, vote for new Bangladesh.