Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bangladesh’s December Election: Random Polling and Astrological Predictions

It is learnt from competent sources some American agencies in Bangladesh have conducted a country-wide random polling in September to find out who’s going to win in Bangladesh’s December election. The findings show the Awami League is in advantageous position with a huge percentage lead over BNP-led four party alliances.

When Khaleda was released on 11 September, one Indian astrology site predicted this: “Begum Khaleda Zia is expected to play a major role in the scheduled general elections in Bangladesh in December 2008. Our indications are she is expected to win as the majority party leader but not a landslide victory or full majority. This will bring in political instability in Bangladesh too."

Assuming that the election will be held ending all speculations, let us wait till 18 December to find out the real winner.


  1. Please do not allow these two 'begums' to gain the control of Bangladesh politics again. Caretaker government should keep them in the loop of current convictions as they are right now. They no longer deserve to be the leader of this nation again. They have bought and sold our nation, and used its revenue as a source to gain their personal wealth. They're parasites of our nation. The nation has suffered enough because of these two 'begums' than all other natural disasters combined since the Independence.

    Vote for change, vote for new Bangladesh.

  2. Do you know the real reason 'why awami league wanted khaleda zia to join the poverty eradication conference'?

    know the real reason here http://bnpbangladesh.blogspot.com/2009/10/bal-intriguing-plot-in-name-of.html