Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The fuss about parliament seating plan in Bangladesh

If you think the current fuss about parliament seating plan is happening only in Bangladesh, then look at this. Breaking tradition, some of the ruling Sri Lankan MPs have been allocated seats in the opposition side while special arrangements are being made to offer seats to opposition MPS on the treasury side. Good for them that the life is not ending being seated in either of the side!

In New Zealand, government parties sit on the Speaker’s right while opposition parties sit on the Speaker‘s left. For detail of their seat plan, visit here. The graphical presentation on New Zealand’s debating chamber is here. The Canadian Senate seating plan is here. The seating plan of the Australian House of Representatives Chamber is here.

The leader of the opposition with members sits on the left of the Speaker in the British Parliament, Indian Lok Sabha and West Bengal Provincial Assembly. See the seating arrangements in the House of Commons.

The bottom line for Bangladeshi MPs is: no matter where you are seated, please discharge your duties preperly.

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