Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bangladesh military submits BDR probe report

Finally, a probe report on BDR incident has been produced by 20-member Bangladesh military enquiry team and handed over to Army Chief General Moeen on 10th May. Although those military officials oathed that they will not divulge any findings of the report to media or other sources, some salient features of the report have already appeared in two Bangla dailies today.

Manabjamin's today's 'revealations' are merely a compilation of already-known public information while Amardesh says only six copies of the 300-page report have been made, a copy of which will go to the Prime Minister as she also holds the defense portfolio.

Amardesh's readers' comment section is already filled with usual accusations and counter-accusations about this report.

Meanwhile, CID report is due on 29 June, and the official inquiry committee has already finalised its report, according to bdnews24, but yet to submit it to the authorities.

Well, we may get plenty of information in these reports, but not the truth, which is dead already in Bangladesh.