Sunday, October 3, 2010

Can Bangladesh withstand US-NATO pressure?

Bangladesh is under immesne pressure from the US and the NATO to contribute to the ongoing military operations in Afghanisatn. Although local newspapers said today the ruling Awami League Government's Advisors have urged the Prime Minister not to succumb to such pressures, it is evident from this article that Bangladesh has little option, but to join the badwagon, sooner or later, as the momentum for coming up to this situation has been planned and crafted over a long period of time. And assuming that the Taliban's threats are real to retaliate if Bangladesh decides in favour of the US and the NATO, then it is very likely that the tragedy that Pakistan is going through will soon grip Bangladesh as well. The tiger has finally arrived, after years of 'wrong calling'.

And to make the matters worse, China is slowly but surely moving in to fill the Af-Pak power vacuum.

Welcome to the new GREAT GAME involving both South and Central Asia.