Friday, April 3, 2009

Economist Intelligence Unit on Bangladesh

Here are some salient features of EIU's April report on Bangladesh:

The Awami League (AL) is expected to serve a full term in office, having secured a huge parliamentary majority at the general election in December.

2. The likely monopolisation of parliament by the AL for the next few years raises the risk of large street protests.

3. There is still a risk of a sharp deterioration in the security situation.

4. The Economist Intelligence Unit's 2008 democracy index ranks Bangladesh 91st out of 167 countries, putting it among the 30 countries whose governments are considered to be hybrid regimes. This designation includes countries such as Cambodia and Singapore.

5. The Bangladesh military may have orchestrated a 'guardian coup' in 2007. This type of coup is characterised by an aim to improve public order, efficiency or to end corruption, while maintaining the existing structure of power. The actions taken by the leaders of such coups are often portrayed as a temporary and unfortunate necessity.

6. The likelihood of another such coup taking place in Bangladesh has been reduced by the army's full support of the civilian government during the BDR mutiny in February.