Sunday, July 12, 2009

Butenis's Lanka Mission

Remember Patricia Butenis? The former US ambassador in Bangladesh is now heading for Colombo.

Dailymirror says she was absolutely instrumental in ensuring that a fair and free General elections was conducted in Bangladesh. Stealing credit? What did then Fakhruddin and Moeenuddin do in the last two years of caretaker government? Read below Butenis's wonderful Bangladesh acheivement!

She resurrected Media freedom and restored the Democratic Institutions in Bangladesh. When the independence of the Elections Commissioner was called to question by the Opposition parties which were then in a total disarray with each at the other’s throat, she united them and intensified pressure on the Elections Commissioner . She succeeded in summoning the Elections Commissioner to her Ambassadorial official residence and procuring a certificate guaranteeing a fair and free Election.

The Bangladesh Media personnel trailed her wherever she went on the notion that she wielded a magic wand for restoration of Democracy.. She was extremely popular with the Media and always championed their cause. Towards their cause , she launched a number of programs directly and indirectly . When she became the center of a storm of controversy in Bangladesh , she vindicated her stand via these programs. She explained “many may be annoyed by what I am doing or saying, but I shall carry on as whatever I am doing is for Democracy in Bangladesh”.
She maintained very good cordial relations with Bangladesh political parties and their leaders . When there was a fear psychosis created based on the interim Govt. trying to establish a military regime , she went to great lengths in her endeavors to segregate and save the Bangladesh politics from a military administration.

In order to resolve the conflicts and differences existing among the Opposition political parties she met them personally with the objective of including the Opposition parties to her agenda to restore and strengthen Democracy in Bangladesh.. Her efforts reaped rich dividends – she not only succeeded in restoring Democracy , but also ensured a fair and free election in Bangladesh.