Friday, July 24, 2009

Living without money, in cave!

His name is Daniel Suelo. Nine years ago he decided to stop using money, because he found out the best way to stay solvent is to never be solvent in the first place. He lived in Utah cave and a note outside cave says: FEEL FREE TO USE ANYTHING, EAT ANYTHING (NOTHING HERE IS MINE).

In his blog, Suelo writes: "When I lived with money, I was always lacking.. Money represents lack. Money represents things in the past (debt) and things in the future (credit), but money never represents what is present."

Suelo developed the concept of 'gift economy', based on a principle ""freely give, freely receive", just like nature. And this gift economy is simple: it is faith, grace and love, but sadly destroyed by commercial civilization.

No need to agree with all his observations, but it is really facinating to know someone is out there challenging the way we have been living. Read Suelo's blog here: