Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Final Bangladesh Elections Results

The final results are as follows:
Grand Alliance 263 (AL 232, JP 27, Other 4)
Four Party Alliance 31 (BNP 28, Jaamat 2, Other 1)
Independent 4
Total 298

Election to a one constituency in Noakhali-3 is postponed due to clashes where brother of the Army Chief is contesting.

By-elections to six seats will be held later when Hasina, Khaleda and Ershad each relinquish their respective two seats. All three leaders won in three seats and can keep only one seat as per law. Election to another seat which couldn’t be held due to a death of a candidate during campaign period will now be held on 12th January.

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  1. Exellent results We are very happy to see a fair election in Bangladesh. People has voted for a change. This is first time in Bangladesh history that a fair election has held. We congratulate Mohajot Aliance leader sheikh Hasina for her lancelite victory. Please don't forget the people who voted for you and don't forge your promises you made to the people of Bangladesh where megority people are poor