Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hasina's Victory Speech

Sheikh Hasina today addressed a large crowd and now taking Q&A from media. The salient features of her speech are as follows:

1. Poverty is the number one enemy of Bangladesh and we should work together to eliminate this menace.

2. This victory is of good governance against mal-governance and a victory of secular beliefs against communal concepts.

3. We want to start a new culture in politics.

4. All should now maintain restrained behavior.

5. Controlling price of essentials is number one task.

6. We want to implement the Vision 2021.

7. Begum Zia should accept the results as this has been the most fairest elections of all.

8. We do not believe in revenge.

9. We want continuation of the democratic process.

10. She thanked all, including those who voted against her party.

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