Monday, March 2, 2009

A few more questions from retired army officer on BDR tragedy

The following is an assessment of a retired army officer after consulting with his colleagues in Bangladesh Army. From:

Following the worst mayhem in BDR few questions automatically emerges in ones conscious mind. There are really pricking my mind.

1. After repeated SOS call and urge for life from the highest authority of the country why no military actions were taken to rescue them having so many combat capabilities and options of our armed forces? It is sad the incident took place only within 20 kms of the Cantonment yet, no help was received.

2. How Mr Jahangir Kabir Nanak who was allegedly known as conspirator and known as ‘Gun Powder’ following the BRTC bus scandal, was selected for negotiations to the rebellers? Is he specially qualified to deal with terrorist? His LGRD portfolio has any connection with this at all ?

3. Mr Nanak could get inside of BDR HQ so confidently when inside was a hot tub. All the soldiers were carrying the arms and firing, but those went inside without fear. They did not put on bullet proof vests/helmets.?

4. Who arranged the access to the rebellion to the media? Who propagated the rumors against officers?

5. Were the professional killer group involved in disguise of BDR dress? Some of the activities of killing, looting is heard to believe to be done by soldiers. Some even snatched watch, money bag after killing.

6. From where those civilians came and chanting for the soldiers outside the BDR gate, though later they were driven off by the police/RAB, and it was reported that some of those are in active politics locally.

7. Only 100 or so could be apprehended while fleeing, but how about those who left well before, might be in 1st night. Six thousand of them could flee when Pilkhana was cordoned my forces other than army. Army was told to go three km away.

8. Who ordered the complete black out that night and under that cover many could flee ?

9. Why the amnesty was declared so quickly without releasing the officers and their families?

10. How the troops were allowed to meet prime minister putting on red scarf on their head without belt and beret. Obviously they belong to an organised force and they were going to meet the highest authority?

11. Why they were not checked and no record were kept including their name and details ?

12. Why so much of time was given in the whole process, allowing them sufficient time to do the atrocities as well as to finish the unfinished task?

13. How many arms and ammunition which went outside the HQ?

14. Why the govt could not cordon the whole area by RAB/police to prevent the fleeing of the perpetrators?

15. What were the issues discussed with meeting with Prime Minister? Did officers’ release got any importance? We only heard about complain and silly demand which had nothing to do with officers killed.

16. Bangladesh army has fought in many countries under such situation? Why there were not allowed to plan and do their own operation? Whom we protected by referring to do any covert commando operation? What one would do in case of plane hijack?

17. Should we not find the stories how the rest dead bodies were hidden/ destroyed? The answer of these stories may onlybe known to those rebel BDR soldiers only.

18. Why commando operation even at night was not carried out? Whose life was important to save, the unarmed officers or the killers?

19. Why to have those APCs and tanks bought with costly money of the taxpayer, if those are not utilized to save the best son of the country?

20. Was there any clue from DGFI? Prime minister get a briefing every morning from DGFI and NSI? They have nothing to report? If they failed why government is not charging them now?

21. For such intelligence failure DG and NSI should have been sacked? Why government was so silent about them or they were also part of the game?

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  1. you are hatching conspiracies here.
    i read this and I can tell that you have a very definitive agenda that you are trying to spread.

    What do you think that all the readers who are reading this is stupid?

    I hope the investigation into this tragedy also takes into account people like you who are preaching vested interest into this matter.