Wednesday, March 25, 2009

India's 'super power dream' gets a jolt!


Washington wants to concentrate and does not want any distractions from it focus on Afghanistan. Everything else is a distraction. Delhi’s bickering is more than a distraction, it is a nuisance. Washington wants it stopped.Why the US gave up India as a Strategic partner? The answer to this complex question can be summed up in a Clintonian cliche “its the economy stupid”. The Obama Administration has taken a page out of the Nixon playbook–build a relationship with China at the expense of India.

The Bush administration had tries to build up India as a counterweight to China with a strategic partnership with India “as a natural ally”. This report in the New York Times is a poignant reminder of where the world of US-China relationship is headed. One never thought that we would see a US Secretary of State in Beijing literally begging the Chinese for “loans” (actually buying Treasury bonds). Its a new world–let the begging and groveling begin.

WASHINGTON (AFP) — The United States called Monday on India to support rival Pakistan in rooting out extremism as Washington drafts a new “war on terror” strategy in South Asia.
Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg also said the United States backed a global role for India and hailed New Delhi’s reconstruction assistance in Afghanistan, the source of unease in mutual neighbor Pakistan.

Steinberg delivered the first substantive remarks on India by President Barack Obama’s administration which is expected this week to unveil a new strategy on fighting Islamic extremists in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

“I think it will be important for India to make clear that as Pakistan takes steps to deal with extremists on its own territory that India will be supportive of that,” Steinberg said at the Brookings Institution.

He said India should “look for ways to contribute to an overall environment which can then lead to further efforts to root out extremists.

“There is obviously a complex history between the two countries but we will encourage India to see that it has a big stake in the efforts that we will be advocating to work both with Afghanistan and Pakistan,” he said.

He did not go into specifics, but the US Defense Department has said that the Pakistan, suspicious of New Delhi, was sending troops to the Indian border that would be better used fighting extremists in areas bordering Afghanistan.

Tensions between India and Pakistan shot up after Islamic militants went on a bloody three-day rampage in Mumbai in November, killing 165 people. Pakistan has conceded the attacks were partly planned by extremists on its soil.

India and Pakistan, which both are nuclear armed, have fought three full-fledged wars since their separation at birth on independence from Britain in 1947. AFP. US asks India to support Pakistan on extremists.

The relationship between the “worlds largest democracies” has been sacrificed once again for the sake of the almighty Dollar and the other small irritant in West Asia–aka “defeat in Afghanistan”. India finds itself on the wrong side of history once again. For the first half century of its existence Bharat supported the Evil Empire.

Then in the 80s when the USSR imploded and Yogoslavia imploded, the Indian policy makers worked overtime to come up with a strategy of survival on this third planet from the sun. Egged on by a Democratic Congress, Mr. Clinton encouraged India to explode a nuclear device.

The Pokran explosions had a affect on India like the world has never seen. It allowed the youthful nation to being thinking big–beyond the confines of reality and beyond the realm of imagination. Within a decade of meager growth, Indian had not only proclaimed themselves a Superpower, but also convinced themselves of the death of Pakistan, the subservience of Bangladesh, the destruction of Lanka and the erosion of Nepal as a political entity.

In this dream world, Bollywood stopped filming movies in India and brought world capitals, skyscrapers and modern amenities into the theatres and homes of ordinary Indians.
Pretty soon a fog enveloped the nation–they actually started believing the Bollywood baloney and got swollen heads. Like the Michelins man full of air, the Superpower began to think of its borders beyond Uzbekistan and its Navy beyond the Pacific and Atlantic.


  1. Quite right.
    Indian need to go beyond their cow dung technology and curry powder exports before they can lay claim to super power greatness.
    First beat Brazil and ten others whose GDP is bigger before lodging the claim.
    But then Indian can never tell dream from reality, can they?
    Tell them alie aka Bush too often and they will think it is true...the Great Indian Dream.

  2. right u r. great bustards like u are so afraid of us,the indians that desperately u write anything without even thinking..........o sorry u will think only if u have brains isnt it.if u had brains u wouldnt had hired us for making your dreams a reality be it in any field. And u fool always forget that cow dung is an alternative source of energy which could contribute to save earth and lessen the effect of global warming. india atleast have that much brain that it have successfully invented an alternative source but critics like u are so desperate to show us low u forget that our country does not beg for labourers to other country.
    u have written about we being a dreamers.
    but u forget those who dream can only be successful.
    isnt it true???????nxt time before commenting or writing any rubbish about our country think twice only if u can idiot!try to first come out of your selfcentred nature then write. actually we indians respect everybody thats why u nvr find any indian talking rubbish on net. but if indians want they have so much guts that they can prove to the world what they are. o sorry!!!!!!!!!actually we dont need to show or prove our smartness because everybody knows except stupids like u.......thi kind of article and comment just shows how our developments have frightened u and how jealous u all are..........