Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Why Bangladesh military needed permission from the government?

An unnecessary debate is on as to why the government didn't allow military to move to quell BDR mutiny. Those supporting the government and those supporting the military's views are both making their arguments based on hypotheses.

The pertinent question is why the military needed the government permission?

According to Section 31 (B) of the Army Act 1952, military is supposed to use utmost endeavours to suppress any mutiny.

Moreover, it is important to find out when did General Moeen come to know of this mutiny and informed the Prime Minister. This is important, because any delay in informing the superior authority is also an offense under Section 31 (C).

The spirit of the Army Act is the military would straight away finish its job to quell any mutiny and they don't need any one's permission for that.

It looks like the Bangladesh military has violated this unilateral endorsement contained in its governing law.

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