Monday, March 16, 2009

Few readings on Bangladesh

Asian Human Rights Commission, Hong Kong features an ordeal of a Bangladeshi journalist under the headline: Disconnected policing and the justice trade in Bangladesh.

2. New York Times highlights how climate migrants flock to Dhaka.

3. Rahul Chawdhury, a visiting faculty, writes on WSJ about Slumdog Millionaire and unnecessarily undermines Bangladesh.

4. Neeta Lal urges India to tackle the 'non-state actors' -the new villain in the region.

5. Betsy Hartman demystifies population bomb and climate change issues, linking them to sudden upsurge of overpopulation hysteria.

6. Ben R. Furman, the FBI's Former Counterterrorism Chief explains the rationale behind categorization of Aliens of Special Interest Countries (ASIC), which includes Bangladesh and 33 other countries. ASIC countries are listed for those individuals traveling both legally and illegally to the United States and originating in countries with known ties to terrorist groups or with a substantial terrorist presence within their borders.

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