Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bangladesh media urge for cautious measures to solve BDR problems

The leading national dailies today urged for cautious measures in solving the issues that arose after BDR mutiny.

Daily Prothom Alo's editorial hopes the government including the military would recognize the significance and gravity of the situation and make efforts for a permanent solutions.

Daily Star condemned BDR’s actions regardless of its longstanding grievances and suggested forming a commission to look into the issues.

Ittefaq editorial observed it is not the case that as a nation we are not fully secured and free from conspiracy, hence, maintaining solidarity and unity is a must for greater national interest.

Observing that no overnight solution is available to address strenuous relations between BDR and the military, Daily Samakal suggested quicker solution of the problems.

New Nation cautioned that any move to crush a rebellious situation with the application of superior force could likely to push things to a point of no return and delay the return of normalcy.

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