Thursday, February 26, 2009

Khaleda smells conspiracy behind BDR mutiny

According to UNB BNP Chairperson and Leader of the Opposition in Parliament Khaleda Zia Thursday demanded the government find out whether there was any deep conspiracy behind the unexpected incidents at the BDR Headquarters to weaken Bangladesh and damage various national institutions.

She also offered the government her party’s all-out cooperation in overcoming the present critical situation in the interest of the country.

Begum Zia said cooperation of all, irrespective of opinions and parties by rising above narrow partisan interest, is necessary in the national interest. “We’re ready to extend all kinds of cooperation in the country’s greater interest,” she said.

The BNP chairperson said this while reading out a statement at a press briefing at her Gulshan office around 9:15 pm on the incidents at the BDR Headquarters.She said the incidents have caused irreparable losses to the country and its defence and security systems.Khaleda made a clarion call to the countrymen and the all disciplined forces to remain calm, united and vigilant at this critical moment to protect the country’s independence and sovereignty and national interest.

Mentioning that she has been observing with sorrow and worry over the last two days the incidents at the BDR Headquarters, Begum Zia said the number of causalities known so far is really terrible. “Such incident of killings of so many officers and members of the disciplined forces at a time had never happened in the past in Bangladesh history,” the leader of the opposition observed.

Khaleda urged the government to immediately inform people and their relatives about the fate of those still missing, saying that the relatives of the missing persons are in deep worry.

Expressing her deep shock for the incidents, the BNP chief prayed for peace for the departed souls and conveyed sympathy to the bereaved family members.She also conveyed her sympathy to those injured and prayed for their early recovery.

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  1. Its a shame… its a shame. Its obvious that the BDR atrocity was not merely over their demand for better pay or ration but something that is not yet obvious.

    I condemn the fierce killings of member of arm forces and their family that took place that day. Such brutal act cannot go unpunished.

    The army has shown great patience and maturity in holding back their emotions and the way they dealt the situation.

    Its undoubtedly remarkable the way the honorable PM Shekh Hasina handled the situation.

    The country and all the political parties should now work together to identify the culprits and bring them to justice.

    My heart goes out to all the souls that were lost and the family of the effected who have a difficult time ahead of them.