Monday, February 2, 2009

General Moeen's confession and some questions

In his book Shantir Shopney: Somoyer Sritycharan’ ( Dream for Peace: Reminiscences of the Time)General Moeen confessed he had lost his weapon during the chaotic days in 1975 when he was under an active duty at the President's House.

Amader Shomoy today reproduced some part of the incident. After loosing the weapon, second lietenant Moeen became worried out of disgust and shame. The paper didn't say anything if the lost weapon was recovered or not.

It is a punishble offense in the military for loosing one's weapons. According to Section 45 (a) of the THE Army Act, 1952 ((ACT NO. XXXIX, effected on 13th May 1952): any person who loses by neglect any arms, ammunition, equipment, instruments, tools, clothing or any other thing, being Government or service property issued to him for his use or entrusted to him for his use or entrusted to him for military purposes, shall, on conviction by court martial, be punished with rigorous imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years or with such less punishment as is in this Act mentioned.

Here comes the questions:

1. What happened to the case of Moeen loosing his weapon?
2. If there were no court martial, did he receive any of the minor punishments (detention, rigorous imprisonment or field punishment) under Section 23(2) of the Army Act?
3) If no action was taken, why such breach of Act took place? How and at whose behest?

Readers are free to add more questions to this list.

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