Wednesday, February 25, 2009

BDR revolt: the larger picture

While the BDR issues is still to be resolved, it is necessary to find out answers to the follwoing questions to capture the larger picture.

1. What are the actual demands of the BDR personnel? Having its DG from BDR people, not from Army? Did they ask for financial support and additional privileges? For how long these demands were made and not being addressed? Why? We need sequential stories.

2. All sector commanders were present in today's meeting at Darbar Hall. So, it cannot be the case that it was an accident. It must be a preplanned event. Who masterminded this?

3. Who gains from a weaker BDR? There must be both internal and external beneficiaries to this disturbances.

4. This is a tricky plot to put military and BDR to fighting each other. Killing two birds with one stone?

5. What is the present state of situation inside military? Is Moeen still in command? Could it be a ploy to remove him?

6. Or could it be a ploy to capture power to contain current spate of aniti-mililtary and anti-CTG sentiment?

7. What is now happening outside capital? Do we know for sure if situation is under control, or not?

This is a defining moment for Bangladesh.

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