Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hasina announces amnesty for BDR mutineers

According to UNB Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced general amnesty for the BDR rebel soldiers who staged revolt at the BDR Headquarters Wednesday to press their demands concerning salary and other benefits.

Hasina announced the amnesty after nearly three-hour meeting at her official residence ‘Jamuna’, State Minister for LGRD Jahangir Kabir Nanak told reporters.

He said on behalf of the rebel soldiers BDR deputy assistant director Touhid assured the Prime Minister that they would "lay down arms" and return to barracks.


  1. The poor BDR. They will be crucified by Army....The Army never confess their guilt...

  2. announcing amnesty will not be effected thts for sure, it was just promised to get the situation cool down.Those who have came in front of the Tv camera will be court martialed, hanged or should br sacked from their service, no doubt.BDR are on moral ground stand and should not vow down till the demands meet by order...they are doing mistakes no doubt

  3. I assume first gunfire comes from an army officer. If you analyse.. You can get