Thursday, February 26, 2009

Salient features of Hasina's address

PM Hasina just completed her address to nation. Salient features:
1. Solution through dialogue, not through force.
2. BDR personnel should follow chain of command.
3. Be patient, we will solve it soon.
4. Certain quarters are creating confusion through rumours.
5. Refrain from self-destructive activities, don't kill your own brothers.
6. Pls help me to solve this.
7. Don't do anything more when I'm forced to take stern action.
8. Surrender arms, you will not be harmed.
9. Don't make comments, remarks , or undertake activities that may jeopardise public security.
10. A committee led by Home Minister has been formed to look into BDR's professional problems.
11. I will take any action for the interest of the nation. Don't force me to take drastic action.

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