Sunday, February 1, 2009

A book and interesting revealations on Zia

Sashanka S.Banerjee, a retired Indian diplomat, has written a diplomatic treatise on relations between and beyond India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Titled 'A Long Journey Together:India, Pakistan, Bangladesh', the book's cover-page carries a picture inside a plane where Sheikh Mujub and the author is seen chatting.

Writing a review, Partha Chatterjee of the HINDU newspaper commented though packed with information and drawn upon experience, the book is a biased account.

The book contains a very interesting information about General Zia. According to the book Colonel Zia Ur Rehman went to Washington to pick up a mysterious suitcase on behalf Col. Farooq Rahman, the mastermind behind the killing of Mujib and his family members. Parth Chatterjee called this piece of information as 'the stuff of a droll comedy'. He also questioned why the author didn't acknoweldge the role of CIA in Mujib's killing.

Read Partha's review here.

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