Saturday, February 28, 2009

Special tribunal for trying BDR mutineer

Quoting Principal Staff Officer Lt General Mobin news agency UNB reported last night the government will form a special tribunal for quick trial of the mutineers and providing them exemplary punishment.

Briefing reporters at the PM’s official residence, he said, “The general amnesty announced by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina does not mean that those who have killed the officers, staged rebellion, arsons and heinous activities will be spared.”He said, “The nation will not forgive these barbaric acts faced by BDR members.”He said the enquiry committee will be properly represented by the armed forces.

General Mobin said the entire BDR command will be restructured. He urged all patriotic members of the armed forces to hold patience and play a responsible role.“The heinous and cruel incident perpetrated by some disgruntled BDR members on February 25 cast a negative impact on Bangladesh in the international arena,” the general said.

He said an evil effort was undertaken by different vested quarters “to damage our beloved motherland and the image of the patriotic armed forces”.

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