Friday, February 27, 2009

Chaotic scenes at Dhaka Cantonment janaja

I just returned from Dhaka cantonment central mosque, without performing janaja for which I went there. It was the worst ever janaja that I've attended, so far. Let me narrate.

I reached around 4:35 PM and when moved inside and heard announcement over mike that Asar prayer will be held first and janaja after that. Sound of protests was coming (God knows for what) but I stepped outside the line as I had already offered the prayer at home. Meanwhile loud noises were coming from front rows, some one was shouting at the top of his voice. Those attended felt disgusted. An army officer in front of me left the scene hurriedly. Meanwhile, I saw one dead body, wrapped in military flag, was brought in amid the chaos. Suddenly, there were loud noises again, heated altercation and exchanges of shouts and counter shouts in the front rows. Suddenly, people started moving out from the line, feariing trouble. I didn't feel safe and decided to come out. Saw one officer's hand up in the sky shouting some slogan, couldn't heard the word amid noises. People who came out with me was passing comments like anything else.

While coming out saw Abdur Rajjak, AL's presidium member, being escorted by few army officers, one tall officer wearing panjabi was on cell phone, talking to seniors, probably. Few uniformed officers saw him coming out asking why are you coming out. He said I will come later. Suddenly saw Rajjak bare-footed. He has lost his sandals! The officer was suggesting to drive him out through a military car, he didn't like the idea and asked for civil car. A few minute later, a civil car came and took him away.

Two minutes later I also left the scene, with this prayer, Allah, please help Bangladesh!

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