Wednesday, February 25, 2009

DG BDR killed! Update

Military sources said DG BDR Major General Shakil Ahmed is killed, along with four other officers.

The casualty figure is more than 50, according to unverfied information.

TV channels are reporting fierce gunbattle. Morter shells are being fired by soldiers while RAB helicopters are making brush fire.

Ssimilar disturbances are reported from Rangamati district.


  1. They have killed all the army officers inside. Killed wife and kids of many officers. There were some BDR people who went against such action. They have killed them as well.

  2. More than 70 armed forces officers have been killed. These jawans know that they not be forgiven. Thats why they are so adamant.

    The only reason army have not moved in is because of the people that are kept as hostage inside.