Friday, February 27, 2009

Bangladesh military's views on BDR tragedy

Army Chief General Moeen u Ahmed has gone to PM's house. He is appraising PM about officers' general sentiment. Chiefs of two other services are also present.

All senior officers gathered today at AHQ at 3 PM and it continued till 7 PM, with a break time for attending congregation where they agitated. Sources confirmed Army Chief was grilled by agitating officers and was given 24 hours to produce a respectable solution to cool their frustrations. The audio of the grilling session was broadcast to all major cantonments.

The officers feel there is more to the story of BDR's grievances. They identified three outcome of the BDR tragedy: 1) national unity is shaken, 2) security has become fragile and 3) two powerful national institutes have become weaker. Military is also doing soul-searching but restraining themselves as they are unclear about the next phase.


  1. There are several issues may brought forward regarding the recent tragedy occured into the BDR premise.
    First of all, DG BDR, DG NSI, DG FMI/MI/ASU - these all are fully related into International affairs and Home affairs as well.
    We should review the matter from International Angle also.
    The moment when War Criminal issue started, Rice/food/oil syndicate, 10 trucks arms issue, Election procedures, Noakhali King Issue including reports placed to Directorate of the Anti Corruptions and one individual's promotion as "*"......- all these are seems to be related.

    Killing only will be stopped when killer's nearest and dearest person will killed - only then.
    -this is not the result....
    A rule should be there like, if any person or a group of - proved that as killer, should be punnished in the prison alongwith their family members will pay high tax on everything into the country and in all aspect and it will be remaining into the same till the accused person's punnishment period.
    May be I am talking against the Human rights association, but the impact is to introduce something good.

  2. A rotten fish can spoil the entire pond.

    Should Bangladesh Army take responsibility onto their shoulders for a handful of bad apples in the Military? If not, be alert partners for an epidemic has spread known as "GREED"! A contagious cancer affecting the autonomy of the force widespread. Its better late then never. Forget about united we stand divide we fall, Cause falling have already started when making the no way decision citing "BDR Tragedy!" Birds of the same feather flock together & Brotherly Bondness just wipe them away. Bangladesh Army can live without the residue. Obviously the Perpetrators need to be held accountable for their misconduct without failure & let it be known to the Public for support.

    Someone once told me that it is next to impossible to defame BD Army reputation- By a Single Person. But a one man Army is capable of ruining rather polluting an entire locality plus manipulating various department, organisation, cooperation etc.And as for defaming BD Army by a single person- told him to just take a good look out of his window where he would find his answer loud and clear!

  3. OC was expressed generousity to extend an invitation to pay a courtesy visit to Rampura Thana for a cup of tea and a bunch of biscuits adding that the experiance would be unforgettable and among other things exciting for me. So we fixed a time for both of our suitability at around 1:30pm the following day. He even would send over a vehicle for my security measure. Further minutely figure out how to resolve my problems once and for all... But disappointing enough he didnt keep up to his word as usual not only having the decency of phoning me up, rather kept on cutting off my call until he shut down his cellphone. Since OC Syedur Rahman tenaciously rejected my calls had no other alternative but to try out calling the 2nd officer-incharge SI Shajahan who unhesitatingly stated that the police is on there way with orders to resolve my "fence problem." Pronto.

    10:30am ASI Mojibur (who attended earlier to our homestead on the basis of OC\'s directions to solve our inconvenience with the soaring fence. But resulted in no outcome whatsoever!) parking the police vehicle afar, approached towards us unprofessionally as if he was done us a favoring by coming was utterly repelled deceivably kept on wasting time by chatting over cell to the duty officer (as he said) that our home address was different to the one he has been given by Thana. To make it confirmed he he was sitting down onto the Drug Store of 212\'s bench where at least half an hour got elapsed. It seemed to us that he was killing time calculatingly even though we volunteered to clarify ourselves to have called Police. Later on he took a look into the fence and remarked "Having the violators to lower the thatched fence necessitates his senior officer, in a moment from now he too shall be present."

    11:30am. SI Joynul & his team members escorted by ASI Mojibur and his force beside him, proceeded after stepping inside our Home internally to penetrate an eye-catching fence towering against our South boundary wall. They roared aloud for Momin to come forward and lower down the provoking fence at once. As if readily available Momin presented himself dandily removing a side of the fence automatically and making a gap in between for his convenience by staging a Gang of a typical Mob. His Bros Shalluddin, Sheeru were at hand, police allowed them briskly to be relentlessly boisterous, outrageously foul mouthed, highly objectionable & unreservedly offensive. Sheeru, behaved outlandishly, demonstrating obscene gestures aimed at me, naming me reproachfully, lacking total self-control, promising if he is a true Muslim within 15 days he\'ll be hauling my ass to court all because we had dared bringing in Law against them, his two sons Russell, and Jewel threatened aloud to expose me tainted...when they are done with me by their bunch of hooligans, for my future will be turned our bleak, because no one will ever set eyes upon me let alone wanting to marry this category clearly falls under persecution to women, and sexual harassment without a doubt.

  4. Momin finalised by declaring that he will take away from us our Home Sweet Home once and for all, How would it fell like to live on the Streets?
    All attributable to our seeking help from Law, it felt like truth to be a liar the way they dramatized the stage, and the Police were simply spectators enjoying the rehearsed Show, Shalluddin claimed they are capable of producing hundreds of witnesses opposing us, while we are inept to fetch even one bystander. "Hah, hah, hah." Then SI Joynul looked like giving an eye wash to us told them to lower down the thatched fence without further ado, instantaneously as if planned out in advance, Sheeru burdened him in his hand with a cell phone to e exchanging views with a mysterious person on the other end as yet unknown to me. Sheeru threatened clearly the unnamed person is on his way in a jiffy, then he will show you are messing with, he\'ll have the cops taken downtown in a few short minutes. Instead of being frightful they at once started to depart humorously, in affect gleefully, resulting in replacement of the sided portion of the thatch to be better bounded together. Constable Moustak had the insolence of commenting in front of our face "You should be thankful to them that, their boundary is thatched not a brick wall!" And scandalously enough SI Joynul questioned for my ears to hear "Did you ever pay us let alone enough for our services?" So Stop bothering us!!! Sheeru meanwhile went to the main road and created a demonstration of Mob gathering near our Gate in the attempts of another Attack.


    In the evening a familiar site was spotted to be the crime committing syndicate insulator Lt. Col. Rashid\'s vehicle form RAB-1 Dhaka Metro Ga 174645, making an imperial entrance into the neighborhood as if to tell Dont Fear your Savior is Hear!! NO Worries at All! (whenever some ambiguous scheme emerges related to nefarious acts he is always located here at the troubled spot and radically always get away with bringing the situation under control come what may need i mention again Not for Free though leds to questioning what happens to be the pay off? A Big Chunk of Landed Property in the Canal? or else where?.... )

  5. From: Nadia Sikder. 211/2 Ulan, Rd. Rampura Dhaka- 1219. Bangladesh.
    Subject: Animal Brutality.
    Contact:01191352473, 01720194213. (bugged)

    Zavier Junior, 3months old pup was put to death by a crime committing syndicate known for their malice. It has been the 6th time they have allegedly poisoned my dogs in a row.

    Police arrived to the crime site taking preparation for an on-line GD that we composed (GD Num:1019. dtd:22/5/2010.) Commencing for an autopsy in the Animal Hospital transferring to ICDDR,B (police’s own words). Within 4 days report would be affirmed....

    It was aired on T.V (Channel i) at 10:30pm.- A family of 3, making several GDs to the P.S was utterly useless for the Matabars in these hi-tech days has kept them in isolation from the society as an outcast trying to banish them from their own home ever since its contained by the clench of land grabbers, has done it again, besides poisoning their puppy.

    I am desperately awaiting for the doctors certificate but who am I to believe, whereas the viscera was never sent to ICDDR,B for analysis and the report was found to be distorted.

    Red Alert: This syndicate is insulated by Lt. Col. Rashidul Alom posted to RAB1 Uttara as Dir. Resolving all their crimes.

    I on behalf of Muttly, Amigo senior, Zavier Senior, and Zavier Junior, Sue he, and Amigo Junior(canines) with Tiny, Bravery and Georgie (felines). one that has a pure heart can seize the moment known as man’s best friend beseech your organizations assistance to come forward and prove there isanimal rights prevailing in such a territory were human rights are violated that truth and justice are just not to be dreamed of.

    Their death has shaken me uncontrollably to an irrecoverable loss.
    this write-up is in the capacity of a freelance human rights, animal rights, environmental activist.

    PS: Georgie died today at 7:00pm having sustained boiling hot marr (rice water) followed apparently by rat- poisoning. in this state of mind of am incapable of writing any further but I hope you have the heart to share my pain of in-defensibility.